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Buy Fairtex Gloves

For years, professional and amateur boxers have used Fairtex Boxing Gloves to train, win, and defend their titles. These boxing gloves feature a multi-panel design that provides great protection for your hands and wrists, making them ideal for punching bags as well as sparring with partners.

buy fairtex gloves

Fairtex boxing gloves are made of multi-layered leather and come in a variety of weights and sizes. Each glove is handcrafted, so every pair is unique. Fairtex gloves are widely regarded as one of the best boxers on the market today

Most of you probably think that natural leather is superior to its synthetic counterpart in every area. Generally speaking, one might assume that such a thesis is true, but... But, advances in technology have contributed a lot to the development of this area. Below is a detailed breakdown of the different types of materials used to make gloves.

This type of leather used for making boxing gloves is very durable and provides excellent flexibility and comfort. It is also the least susceptible to moisture and unpleasant odour. It is now the standard material for high-end boxing gloves (e.g. from Twins or Fairtex).

The gloves offer excellent stretch and maximum resistance to tearing. They last for a long time: they do not crack and aesthetically look as if you have just bought them. Cowhide leather products like these have a pleasant texture to the touch.

Buffalo leather gloves are slightly softer than cowhide gloves but just as durable. This material usually has the same properties as its predecessor, but because of the hair marks on the leather, such products are a little cheaper.

Although in synthetic leather the material is quite flexible, it's not as durable as natural leather. It may crack if used frequently. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment, for example, if you are just starting to train or if you perceive martial arts as a hobby, PVC gloves can be a good choice for you. The material is cheap, which has a positive effect on the price of the gloves. However, PVC gloves "don't breathe". This just means that they will smell unpleasant after prolonged use and the comfort level of use will slowly deteriorate.

Also called Skintex/Syntek/Maya Hide. Like PVC, polyurethane is one of the cheapest materials, making it an affordable choice for boxing gloves. Like its predecessor, it has less resistance to cracking and wear. But the material is porous, so it lets air in, which slows down odour formation.

Microfibre leather is a high quality synthetic and extremely technical product. Thanks to the use of microfibre, it imitates the structure of natural leather and its appearance and characteristics are even superior to leather in terms of durability! Due to its superior characteristics, synthetic microfibre leather is used by leading manufacturers of boxing gloves such as BLEGEND Boxing Gloves.

When you buy Fairtex at Fight Gear Direct, you're getting gloves that are made to last. As retailers of MMA gear in Australia, we offer a wide range of Fairtex gloves that are perfect for training or competing. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair of gloves for your needs. In addition to gloves, we also offer a wide range of Fairtex shorts and other MMA gear. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, we have the gear you need to take your game to the next level. So why buy Fairtex from Fight Gear Direct? Because we offer the best selection, the best prices, and the best customer service around. Visit our shop and check out our range today to see for yourself!

If you happen to visit Lumpinee or Rajadamnern stadiums to watch some fights, you will find the official Twins Special stores at both locations. Very well-stocked with the largest collection of Twins Special gloves at both locations. Prices are fixed at the official retail prices.

Thanks for the article. Maybe gonna get my gear there for a change. I normally bought all my stuff at action zone near nation Stadium. I mostly buy fairtex or Twins gear. Do you know the prices at the fairtex store at the emquartier mall? I was once at a fairtex store in pattaya and it was pretty expenive compared to action zone shop. I also just found out there is a fairtex store at asiatique near chaopraya river. Gonna check it out the next days .

I was looking to create my own brand. It has been very difficult to find someone that manufactures custom label gloves, shin guards, wraps, head gear, shorts (mma/muay thai), t-shirts, rashguards and if possible gis.

hello! thanks for this informative article. i was wondering if any of the above shops does customization for gloves? just basic printing of names. cos i notes that u highlighted those who customize the shorts.

Thank you for this detailed and very helpful information. God bless the internet and people like you, who give information like this away for free!From your list I visited Super Export Shop and Action Zone. Must say that Iiked Action Zone quite a bit. Dont let the shitty apperarance there fool you, they are well stocked and had colours of Twin gloves that Super Export did not have. All in all I would recommend to definitely visit some more shops, as the inventory is always a bit different. Just before Action Zone is another sports shop that sells all kinds of stuff from Badminton rackets to volleyballs. But they also had Twins gloves for very good prices so its worth checking that out too.

Merci beaucoup à toi, sur tes conseils je me suis rendu à Action Zone et la jeune femme a été super. J ai pris une paire de gant fairtex , protèges tibias fairtex, 2 sudations twins et 2 paires de bandes. Automatiquement elle te fait 10% si tu prend plusieurs articles et elle offre une petite serviette

Hi Mirko, it is possible to create custom-made gloves if you make mass order. If only one or two, you can try muay thai factory. there is also small possibility at Action Zone or Raja but will take months. You can email and ask them. Thank you for your support!

These gloves are completely unique from other collections. The artwork features a raven and a serpent fighting for survival. One glove is black representing darkness and the other is white representing light. The rose design on both gloves represents the beauty and passion of Muay Thai. The "Beauty of Survival" collection feature a 3-layer foam core with a grip bar to support a proper fist. These gloves are of premium leather construction using an exclusive way of cutting. The handmade silkscreen on the outer shell of these boxing gloves of indicates gorgeous graphic art. They come with a custom nylon bag.

Fairtex is a well-established Asian sports brand that specializes in Muay Thai gloves. They offer a very competitive product range with value, especially when compared against other similar brands in the global market. The quality of their products stands the test of time and wear.

Whilst Fairtex gloves are not the pinnacle of premium gloves in the market, they do offer a very good balance of quality in materials and manufacturing whilst at a reasonable price range.They are considered a solid entry glove for many Muay Thai and Boxing enthusiasts, particularly for Asian fighters.Are Fairtex gloves good for boxing?Fairtex gloves are typically specialized for Muay Thai training, but they also have a smaller range suited to boxing specialty. Either way, their gloves are generally very good entry options for a mix of training such as the heavy bag, pad work, and even sparring.

The foam padding inside the gloves will be softer and offer little to no resistance from squeezing. The outer material will also wear down very fast, unlike genuine Fairtex products.With my pair of Fairtex BGV14, for example, the gloves offer a ton of resistance when squeezed hard:The BGV14 gloves spring back to their original shape easily.The inner foam and the surface material spring back completely to the original state without a problem, even after months of use.

Fairtex gloves are designed and manufactured in Thailand.How long do Fairtex gloves last?Most people find that Fairtex gloves last somewhere between 8-12 months. Duration can depend on frequency, the intensity of use, and care after use.These gloves should be cleaned and thoroughly dried out between uses to prevent bacteria build-up and foam breakdown.

But I chose a 14 oz pair of Fairtex gloves. Why? Because I wanted to have gloves that I could use for many options.I wanted to still use the gloves for sparring without feeling like a jackass for hitting people in the face with little padding on my gloves.The standard for sparring glove size is pretty much always 16 oz. Just ask any (decent) boxing coach. For the big or heavy fighters, 18 oz will be mandatory.

I bought my Fairtex BGV14 gloves from my local MMA gym. You can ask what your local gym or sports store has available. Many in the USA and globally will stock Fairtex gloves. Or you can get speedy delivery by buying online, like through Amazon.The gloves I personally own and reviewed in this article are the Solid Black version. I like to think that I look Batman-Esque wearing them.But Fairtex gloves are never limited by style as they usually come with lots of color options, and this same glove is no different as it comes in various colors.

While these Mexican gloves can feel uncomfortable for some people, the water repellent lining and locked thumb mean these gloves can last long (without the build up of moisture) and close into a fist easily.Therefore, the uncomfortable feeling you might experience is a good thing as the glove is protecting your hands from injuries.Click here to buy these BGV9 Mexican boxing gloves on Amazon9. Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove Black/BlackCheck price on AmazonProsGood wrist support: The BGV14s have a long wrist cuff design which results in greater wrist stability.Wrist stability is important because without it you put yourself at risk of hand/wrist injuries. 041b061a72

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