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[S3E8] Episode 3.8 ((INSTALL))

Midnight BlueSeasonEpisode38Air dateJuly 21, 2022WriterBrannon Braga & André BormanisDirectorJon CassarComposerJoel McNeelyProduction OrderPrevious episodeNext episodeFrom Unknown GravesDominoChronological OrderPrevious releaseNext releaseFrom Unknown GravesSympathy for the Devil

[S3E8] Episode 3.8

New restrictions and scheduling conflicts due to Covid-19, as well as three pregnant co-stars, made filming Season 3's remaining five episodes extremely difficult. As a result, the production leaders decided to shoot all of the five episodes at the same time, an unprecedented and surprising move. "It's unbelievably difficult," director Jon Cassar reported in May 2021. "But we're doing it. We're holding onto the tone."[5]

Despite Cassar being credited for directing this episode, the challenges of shooting during a global pandemic meant both MacFarlane and Cassar directed scenes as time and schedules allowed. "It's almost like we're co-directing at this point," Cassar surmised.[5]

UPDATED, 10:15 AM: Rosario Dawson, Joel McHale, Joe Manganiello, Christian Serratos, Elodie Young and more are among the stellar voice cast for Season 3 of Love, Death & Robots, announced today by Netflix. The streamer also released the final trailer for the third season ahead of its premiere tomorrow, which you can watch above. See a complete episode list, including voice cast, below.

In the episode, based on the short story by sci-fi novelist John Scalzi, the titular trio of droll droids return to take a whirlwind tour studying post-apocalyptic human survival strategies before mankind was finally snuffed out. 041b061a72

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