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The technical idea underlying treacherous computing is that thecomputer includes a digital encryption and signature device, and thekeys are kept secret from you. Proprietary programs will use thisdevice to control which other programs you can run, which documents ordata you can access, and what programs you can pass them to. Theseprograms will continually download new authorization rules through theInternet, and impose those rules automatically on your work. If youdon't allow your computer to obtain the new rules periodically fromthe Internet, some capabilities will automatically cease to function.

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Of course, Hollywood and the record companies plan to use treacherouscomputing for Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), sothat downloaded videos and music can be played only on one specifiedcomputer. Sharing will be entirely impossible, at least using theauthorized files that you would get from those companies. You, thepublic, ought to have both the freedom and the ability to share thesethings. (I expect that someone will find a way to produce unencryptedversions, and to upload and share them, so DRM will not entirelysucceed, but that is no excuse for the system.)

Programs that use treacherous computing will continually download newauthorization rules through the Internet, and impose those rulesautomatically on your work. If Microsoft, or the US government, doesnot like what you said in a document you wrote, they could post newinstructions telling all computers to refuse to let anyone read thatdocument. Each computer would obey when it downloads the newinstructions. Your writing would be subject to 1984-style retroactiveerasure. You might be unable to read it yourself.

Note: Isaiah 33 is referring to the treachery perpetrated by the Assyrians against the people of Judah. King Hezekiah had made a treaty with the Assyrians whereby, in exchange for a large indemnity payment, the Assyrians agreed to withdraw from Jerusalem (see 2 Kings 18:13-16). But now the Assyrians have broken the treaty, have returned to Jerusalem, and are determined to conquer the capitol city.

Apparently, the friendship that existed between Jesus and Judas was only one-sided. Jesus cared for Judas. Judas however, cared only for Judas. My, what selfishness! What treachery! But such was the man Judas Iscariot.

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Martial, 26, took aim at two of his former managers in a recent interview with France Football for a host of reasons, notably for having felt disrespected by Mourinho and Solskjaer for an act of 'treachery' for not playing him when he returned from injury.

After US President Blake Orama is kidnapped by ninja terrorists and Mayor Mike Moneybags shuts down the East Fulton police force, now-suspended police chief Antonio Santiago can sense something bigger is coming. He enlists the aid of his daughter Lisa and her two friends; Brad and Bruce, to set out to discover not only the truth; but also to find the root of the treachery in Beatdown City. 350c69d7ab

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